Digital Recruitment Platforms

To make matter’s worse, the digital platforms which open up an incredible world of talent to your business are also highly visible to your competitors and existing staff. They enable you to identify good candidates but also make it incredibly easy to lose the talent you already have. Misjudgements and a high turnover of staff are unbelievably costly to your business. It is vital to avoid critical recruiting errors and to hang on to your success stories with impressive tenacity.

Seeing Through the Hype

Competition for the finest talent in the advertising and media industry is always extremely fierce. In a world in which there are more channels of communication and sources of information available to you than ever before, finding the right person should be a straightforward enterprise. But is often nothing of the sort. It can be so hard to see the wood for the trees or at least to separate the true talent from the inevitable hype.

Recruitment in the Digital Age

No organisation is ever more than the cumulative talent of its people. But this is especially true of creative businesses as their assets are often entirely confined to those people. In a highly competitive environment it is essential to identify exceptional talent and equally important to hang on to it. Unfortunately, that is much easier said than done.