You should also be asking yourself a few searching questions! Does your proposition present your prospect with the chance to blossom? Those who are able to grow within your business and to feel that they are making a significant contribution to its success are the most likely to stay with you for the journey.But they must be rewarded financially too! It is all too easy to take your eye off the ball when it comes to your star performers’ remuneration. Pay rises and bonuses may be difficult to finance but the cost of replacing those people will inevitably be much higher.

The recruitment process can be a complex one and may involve some serious detective work which is immensely time consuming. This is all very well for the largest organisations who have the appropriate resources to dedicate to that process. They are in a good position to institute sophisticated searches and detailed investigations into their candidates’ achievements. They are able to evolve and then use testing procedures to reveal their candidate’s personality traits. But what about a small business? Is that you and how do you compete?

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